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About MyCommunityShares

How It Works

LIFE is about having really great experiences. Moments that inspire you, challenge you and bring you closer to others. The more meaningful experiences you have, the better life will be—and the better communities we can build together. That is why we created MyCommunityShares. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create a really cool way to give people in cities all around the world a new and meaningful way to connect with their communities. Here's how it works and why we’re doing it:


We want to help you find new things to experience and new ways that you can make a difference in your community. We call those Shares. Shares can be just about anything happening in the community worth getting others involved. From the simple to the complex, from events and volunteer opportunities, to concerts and fairs and Farmers Markets, to recycling and cleaning up the community...the list is endless. And now you can find out about it all in one place! We think that these are all great ways to get engaged in your community! Shares can be submitted by individuals/members, community organizations, public entities and even some businesses.

Here's the cool thing: YOU to have the power to create Shares. Have you been talking to your friends about needing to get rid of clothes that don't fit? We can easily help you create a Share with an organization who needs those clothes. Maybe your kid’s school could use some elbow grease to tidy things up? Create a Share and ask the community to help you get it done. Do you love coding and wouldn't mind spending an hour or 2 teaching a class about it? Let us know and we can help set that up as a Share so that the community can come and learn. Individuals, organizations and even some businesses can post Shares. There's no end to the great things that we can do in our communities and MyCommunityShares wants to help make them easily available to you!


We wanted to give you an extra reason to get out and give back, to skip that rerun and get out and get active. We also wanted you to be able to track the amazing work that you're doing and to make it a fun game by earning points for each thing you do. Points are assigned based on the kind of Share it is. Is it active or passive — are you just showing up or do you have to get your hands a little dirty? Both types of Shares are meaningful, but we do give extra points for getting your hands dirty, rolling up your sleeves and making something amazing happen.


You earned it! You've done the Shares, you've earned the points — YOU participated in your community and we think that should earn you some perks beyond just points. With MyCommunityShares, Participation is your currency. MyCommunityShares works with great local and global businesses who think you deserve free rewards for participating to make our communities active, vibrant places. Now you can earn enough points to check out that new restaurant you've been eyeing or to take the kids to the aquarium. That list is endless too! And if you feel like you don't need those things, that's totally ok! You can use the points you've earned to Pay it Forward to wonderful non-profits who have ongoing needs that your points can help address.